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Needle’s Eye Ministries, Inc. is an interdenominational non-profit organization whose aim is to see the Richmond marketplace transformed through Christians living out their faith at work.

In 1977, Buddy Childress founded Needle’s Eye with a vision to turn the work week into a place of care, ethics, and ministry.  Over 40 years later, Needle’s Eye provides resources to thousands of Richmond professionals, inspiring and equipping Christians to become a source of hope and light at work, at home, and around our city.

Our Mission
Connecting marketplace men and women to life-changing faith in Jesus – encouraging them to impact their workplaces and our community with His values, ethics, and love.

Our Strategy
Our strategy is to work supportively with individuals, small groups, and wider professional groups to:

  • Provide Christ-centered Biblical teaching.
  • Support and build vibrant small groups through mentoring, counseling, and training.
  • Facilitate networking that brings tangible benefits to men and women in career transition.
  • Equip young professionals with resources to find their identity, calling, and purpose.
  • Share the Good News of what God is doing in the workplace.
  • Promote the concept of marketplace ministry in partnership with local churches.
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